What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs belong to the arthropods phylum and lie in the Cimicidae family. Bed bugs have flat bodies and their size ranges from 1.5mm to 7mm. The most amazing characteristic of the bed bugs is that they can live without feeding for a year. They only require feeding once in a week to reach their next size. The only thing that can be a hazard to their growth is the unfavorable environment. They like to live in 70F to 80F which makes their growth and reproduction process easier to achieve. They are reddish-brown in color and their color gets redder when they feed a lot of human or animal blood.

How do we get Bed Bugs?

Many people get angry and confused that even after keeping their place clean still the bed bugs infestation cannot be controlled. The main reason that people get bed bugs is that of their tiny and flat body which makes them unable to see. They like to move around, change places by hiding inside mattresses, furniture, carpets, cabinets, luggage,and clothes. When you move into a hotel, you might get some bed bugs on you and your bag pack. They are so small that you won’t even see them and you carry them to your home. The other reason can be changing furniture, carpets and especially mattresses.

Bed Bugs Prevention

So, it’s important to prevent bed bugs getting into your home. To prevent them, use sheets on the bed or the couch or floor where you are keeping your stuff when you stay in a hotel room. Before coming home, check your luggage thoroughly to be sure you are not carrying anyone of them. When buying mattresses or furniture check them after delivery and then use it. If you suspect bed bugs on them, get rid of them first and then take them inside your home.

Importance of Pest Control

If you want to be sure that the infestation of the bed bugs is completely removed from your house, you must call the pest control. They are professionals and do their work efficiently. The sprays and other procedures by the pest control helps you to be safe from bed bugs for years. Other than sprays, the pest control uses the following treatments:

  • They vacuum your house fully in order to be sure that there are no bed bugs left on the bedding, carpet or furniture.

  • Another important and effective method is a dry heat treatment which is done under the supervision of professional management of the pest control company. It is recommended that this procedure should not be done by yourself.

  • The most used method to ensure the removal of the infestation of bed bugs are insecticides and pesticides. These sprays are done on every corner of the house covering even the pipes, chimneys, holes in the wall and cracks etc. It helps in killing all the bed bugs that hides in these places to continue their reproduction.

So, if you are facing bed bugs at your place, call the pest control right now to be safe and secure from being a host to bed bugs.

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